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Juniper berry

Juniper berry

€1.80 / 100 g   (€0.02/g)

Juniper berry wholesale and retail


  • Country of origin :Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia

  • Weight :1kg

  • Packing type :Bag

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The flavor profile of young, green berries is dominated by pinene; as they mature this piney, resinous backdrop is joined by what Harold McGee describes as "green-fresh" and citrus notes. The outer scales of the berries are relatively flavourless, so the berries are almost always at least lightly crushed before being used as a spice.

Juniper berries are used in a wide variety of culinary dishes and best known for the primary flavoring in gin (and responsible for gin's name, which is a shortening of the Dutch word for juniper, genever). Juniper berries are also used as the primary flavor in the liquor Jenever and sahti-style of beers. Juniper berry sauce is often a popular flavoring choice for quail, pheasant, veal, rabbit, venison and other meat dishes.

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